Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Blinded Me .... With Cab! UPDATE


Wrap bottles in foil and remove any telling capsules.

Theme: Cabernet Sauvignon (at least 75%) served blind ... any vintage any region.

Location: The Command Center

Start Time: Sipping at 12:15 ... eating and drinking at 12:30

Food: The Hat

Mystery White: Whoever


scottie said...

Sorry I had to leave early guys. Darn work! It was great to see everyone. I'm still a wine newbie, so I can be kind of quiet, but always fun to learn more about wine. I'll speak up more next time!

Tell me how it all turns out. I think I voted 7-9-8.

J@VLG said...

Well #9 was the top vote getter ... I think. I did write which wine was which but I know someone has that info.

Charlie Fu said...

Heh, The Hat! You posted on my post for the Hat to go drink wine with you guys during lunch ohh.. 1.5 years ago =P. (my girlfriend just re-linked me to my hat post)