Saturday, May 10, 2008

Post Your Belle Pente Notes Here!!!

2006 Belle Pente Pinot Noir Dundee Hills




J@VLG said...

I had this over 2 nights. The aromatics were so ripe … and heavy. Plummy. I certainly would have guessed Cali. I would have thought KB or Loring in style. Lots of big ripe fruit on the palate. The acid fit in nicely but the sweetness of the fruit was borderline candied. This all works well when you are in the mood for this style. The finish was a week spot. A bit flabby and a touch of heat. Last years Willamette Valley bottling was a much better but there is a lot of bang for your buck with this wine. 88 pts

WetRock said...

This is my best note from memory. I jotted notes down when I drank this 2 weeks ago but lost them getting ready for my trip. This is what I posted in Cellar Tracker.

Super funk earth mushrooms and dark cherry. The funk didn't budge with air in the glass or overnight in the bottle. Nice Pinot otherwise without much complexity. Probably needs a another year in bottle for its best and hope the funk recedes some.

PS: Someone PLEASE tell me how to find usernames and passwords in this system previously entered!

Tom Gutting said...

This definitely had the candied thing going on. When I first poured it -- opened two hours without decanting -- the aromatics were a touch muted, and the fruit was very much like cherry Kool-Aid. I was a bit off-put by the first sip. With more air, lots of swirling, and some time, it seemed to develop more charm. The acidity was good, but it definitely is in a bigger style. The heat didn't hit me on the nose, but it was perceptible on the finish. The fruit was nice and cherry-based, so I dug that. It was easy to drink -- and it was a hit with a few pinot novices I shared it with.

darrenv said...

We had it over two nights and I remember distinctly that the taste upon the initial pour (to my palate) was very bright, forward strawberry fruit.

Then, we put the kids to bed and came back down an hour/so later. The wine seemed to have changed drastically. Or was it our taste buds? Or...(see below)****

The wine seemed to show a lot more darker fruits, more earth and the bright "edge" disappeared (wouldn't necessarily say "flabby" but definitely erring to that side). It was actually more pleasing to us since we were cocktailing it rather than pairing at that point...and it held true for the second night as well when we drank it before dinner.

Vino Geeks: Please comment on this phenomenon for the newbies. What changed about this wine after an hour/so? Air? Temperature? Taste buds? Nothing at all = My Brain?

Dr. Dietz said...

This is my CT note.. I gave this a more generous 89 to Jason's 88. That's one big point more!!!

Red and dark fruit, with a lift at the end. Cherry dominates. Some of the smokiness that makes some Pinots nice with bbq. A little sweetness, though this is dry.

I found this simple, somewhat like the lower end bottlings of White Rose. Having said that, this would be good with BBQ hot me.. I've had this sort of PN with spicy Italian sausage.. and it really works.

Not one I would buy to have in my cellar, but for a party, yeah, sure, not bad.

Matt Karnofel said...

Two words describe this wine to me – caramelized citrus. The wine was pleasant in a single dimensional way. There was nothing exciting in the ride; it was predictable and nice.
I splash decanted the wine about 2 hours prior to drinking it.
Being somewhat new to Pinot I struggle distinguishing the smoky caramel undertones of Pinot with RS. I did get some heat at the end.
88 points from me. This wine has all the qualities of a great simple wine. Few would be disappointed with it on a Tuesday night over dinner.

J@VLG said...

Darren V says: "Vino Geeks: Please comment on this phenomenon for the newbies. What changed about this wine after an hour/so? Air? Temperature? Taste buds? Nothing at all = My Brain?

IMHO It is a little bit of everything. We all see these jackasses claim a wine is much better 8 hours later which is such a load. Sure the wine will be different but wines taste different because of palate changes (within hours) as well as environmental changes. I wine may taste better after 8 hours but to claim it needs that kind of air is "in general" BS.


Gerry Frayer said...

I have had this wine a few times know, and overall find it to be pretty ripe,fleshy and forward wine.
Great coctail style ,and also great with that summer BBQ thang!
Lot's of initial candied fruit ,strawberry rhubarb ,acidity and that tart cherry component as well.
didn't get the heat that was mentioned by Jason ,but was definately a little flaby for my style of Pinot.
After some air time ,started to pick up a more earthy nose with little mushroom on it. It seemed to smooth out a bit and get a little more integrated.
Overall ,not something i'd pull out for a nice dinner ,but at a family style dinner where you are sippin wine like a coctail ,it works perfectly.
88 points (for those keepin score)